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The light is cheap in price & uses quality components. Same components big name companies use- minus the price tag. Have a 10x10 area with 4 SF4K’s and I am MORE then happy w the end results. Really grew some quality stuff.. fire top shelf! Grew in the same area with 5 1000w lights and got same yield/results.. 5000w JUST on the lights! The future is here , Low energy cost , intense lighting , sleek design , amazing Top shelf yields ..

Kingsley Chandler

I was using old school halogen lamps before I switched to the SF-4000 system. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the system. It's light weight and easy to install and get growing. I ended up getting a second unit and have had no complaints. These lights really do the job for my indoor grow. I highly recommend them.

Orson Lancaster

I was a little skeptical at first. I can honestly say I actually saw tremendous growth in my plants after only 4 hours of changing to this light. And daily, its now a pleasure to go take a peek and see how they have grown overnight !If you have any hesitation, DON'T this light is AWESOME !!

Harleigh Dodson

Really efficient to manage the temperature. The light pénétration is a little bit lower if you compare to an hps. Otherwise it really works well. Nothing to complain. And the bouton to adjust light power is just perfect.

Nicolas M

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